1. Somethings that help me with forgiveness are the following observations.

    1) True understanding leads to forgiveness naturally

    If we truly understood another person – what they’ve experienced, how they perceive life, what they aspire for, what it ‘feels’ like to be them – then we would feel nothing but love and compassion for them. It is only because we are ignorant of their entirety that we resent them for hurting us. Simple existence is so painful for some people that it is clear they will inevitably externalize that pain. That doesn’t mean it’s okay, but once we work through our own fears we begin to understand even the vilest people, acceptance and forgiveness flow naturally.

    2) You can feel an emotion without becoming it

    It also helps to investigate what we really are beyond our mind, body and emotions. We are the awareness of those things, thus they cannot be us. Fear is a powerful emotion, but it is just an emotion. Like all transient things, it is impermanent. That which we truly are can feel pain and fear, but it is not that pain and fear. When this is understood, sadness, pain and other emotions can be appreciated without becoming consumed in them. A space is created between our thoughts and feelings and us. At that time, we realize that we are truly invincible. Awareness cannot be harmed. Knowing your own essential invulnerability, you can then come back and embrace vulnerability as a human being, all the while identifying with being the awareness, not the manifestation (human self) arising in that awareness.

    I hope this helps. It’s beautiful to be a part of your journey. You should write more poetry. It is wonderful. 🙂

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