Until We Meet Again

Life is but a fleeting moment in the game of time. It is a second filled with happiness, sadness, anticipation, and pain all rolled into one. It teaches you not to grasp anything too tightly for in the end, you will learn that it is all temporary. You may ask, but what is its meaning? Why are we allowed to live when in the end we are all to face the pain of death? But to me, death isn’t the end. It is only a gate, a symbol of our souls passing through.

Family and friends look on and wave as you pass through. We are sad that you are traveling on without us and we will miss you. But we know that you are moving on to bigger and better things. You’ve accomplished what you needed to do here in this world. One day we will meet again. Until then, we will savor your memories with a smile and keep you nestled in our hearts, right where you belong.


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