Today would have been our day.

It’s strange to think how fast things can change in a year. And how they always do. I’m halfway around the world now. I guess you are too.

I don’t even remember the last real conversation we had. But I do remember that time I asked you if we were even still friends. And you said, “Does it even matter?” And I think I died a little inside.

Because it did matter to me.

I wish we could talk to each other about our lives the way we used to. I wish we could give each other advice or a little bit of support on a bad day. I wish it could be easy again.

I miss you. Even when you’re on the other side of the world not giving a shit. And I feel stupid for caring when you clearly don’t. But.

This time last year things were so different…

So yeah, today would have been our day. But its not.


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