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Why Some Relationships Create Energy for Introverts and Other Relationships are Draining

Introvert, Dear


This is the last post in a series about introverts (particularly INFJs) and relationships. To read the other articles, click here and scroll down.

We have this idea that an introvert is some bumbling hermit who can’t string together more than a few words. He hates every time an acquaintance unexpectedly says hello, and he’s only truly at peace when he’s alone. If he had it his way, he’d never interact with another human being again.

The truth is, as an Intuitive Feeler (specifically an INFJ), other people are the main way I create meaning in my life. I want to know others and be intimately known by them. I crave deep, intense, authentic connections that border on the metaphysical. My best memories come from connecting with people in energizing ways.

Why do some relationships create energy, while other relationships drain it?

As introverts, we have a limited…

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Am Asian American, Have Been in Therapy

Well said.

my name is elizabeth

I imagine that the title is making some of you wary of me, so before I continue, let me assure you:  I am, by all accounts, a fairly normal person.  I’m very outgoing.  I have a lot of friends.  I’m usually happy.  I have a great family.  I have no shortage of quirks, but I’m not a weirdo.  (Though few weirdos think that they’re weirdos, so that’s probably not the most reassuring statement.  But for what it’s worth.)

So why on earth was I in therapy?

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Thanks to Diana Hong for suggesting the topic.

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